Greeting Card - An Interlude with a Fox

An Interlude with a Fox by Nikki McIvor

Nikki McIvor 2014 © An Interlude with a Fox - coloured pen & coloured pencil

Greytown, Wairarapa, New Zealand

Nikki has always had a soft spot for foxes. Roald Dahl's "Fantastic Mr Fox" was one of my favourite children's books.

As much as Nikki would love to see foxes foaming the countryside, she is also very happy they were never introduced to New Zealand. Nikki shudders to think of the damage they would have done to our native bird population.

The inspiration for this pen and pencil drawing came from a YouTube video called Geoff & Dawn which chronicles the close friendship between Dawn, a wild fox, and Geoff who is an animal rescuer working in a sanctuary in England. The fox's expression is wary, but if you look closely at the fox's eye, you can see the outline of a person reflected with his arms spread wide in welcome.

The title of this drawing was also inspired by a song entitled "Interlude" by British band London Grammar. Both song and video compliment each other in shoing how love can break through barriers that are traditionally poplusted with mistrust.